Things to Consider when Selecting Hearing Aids

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Things to Consider when Selecting Hearing Aids

Congratulations! By simply acknowledging that you need hearing aids, you have already taken the first and most important step toward a better life. Recognizing that you need assistance can be difficult for some, and admitting that hearing aids are the right solution can take time. Now that you know that hearing aids are the right thing for you, it’s time to get started with the process. A few considerations will make the process smooth and easy for you, and it is also nice to know what to expect as you move through the process.

Getting Support

As you seek to acquire hearing aids, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a friend, family member or loved one. When you take the first step toward better hearing, it will be nice to have someone along with you to keep you company and to offer moral support. An excellent option would be to seek the accompaniment of someone who has and uses hearing aids already. If you know someone like that, feel free to ask if they would like to join you in the process. In all likelihood, this person will be glad to come alongside you, having already gone through the process. They can offer helpful tips and information as you proceed.

Choose the Right Provider

Choosing a provider can be difficult, because there is so much information out there. At Posey Hearing Center, we provide comprehensive hearing health services and work to ensure that your hearing health is optimal. We are committed to helping you find the best solution for your hearing needs.

Make Your Appointment

The first step to treating hearing loss is to take a hearing test. Be prepared to take a simple test that plays tones through noise-cancelling headphones in a soundproof room. When a tone is played, you will be asked to gesture that you have heard it or to press a button.

In addition to your hearing test, you will also have a consultation with us. During the consultation, take your time describing the situations in which you are unable to hear as well as you would like. It might even help to have a list of the environments or social contexts where you notice it is difficult to hear. Providing this information to your hearing specialist will help greatly in the process of recommending the right hearing aids for you.

Choose Your Aids

After your exam and consultation, if a hearing loss is detected, our team will recommend some hearing aids to you. We take into account your lifestyle needs and technology that will best suit your hearing needs. We will also take into account your budget in relation to the available technology. For instance, some people are very interested in wireless connectivity, Bluetooth functionality, and syncing with devices such as television, smartphones, and other media devices. These features can be incredible helpful to some, while others find them rather useless. Consider carefully which features matter to you before making your selection. You can certainly take some time to think about your choice after the exam and consultation if you think it would help you make an informed decision.

Take Advantage of Training

Though it may seem silly to get training in the use of hearing aids, you might be surprised how helpful it can be. Inserting the aids can be quite difficult for some, especially those with challenges to their dexterity and nimbleness, including arthritis. Beyond the basics of inserting the aids, our team will show you how to use them, in what contexts they may be most beneficial, and how to interface with any settings they might have, such as volume controls. Conversations with hearing aids can take some getting used to, so don’t write them off right away just because you feel uncomfortable on the first use. Our team is here to help you understand how and when the aids will be most effective and how to maximize their functionality.

Visit Us at Posey Hearing Center

If you’ve experienced changes in your hearing and struggle with sounds in your life, the first step is to contact us at Posey Hearing Center. Our friendly and supportive staff is here to help you achieve optimal benefits with hearing devices and reconnect you to the sounds of your life!

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