The Fight Against Hearing Loss

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Hearing Treatment Fact

Hearing is one of the major senses that connects us to nearly everything in our environment. Healthy hearing helps us communicate effectively, maintain an active lifestyle, and participate in our community. Unfortunately, nearly 48 million people in the United States suffer from hearing loss. Out of those, only 8 percent receive treatment!

It is our responsibility to help our patients as well as our community bridge the gap between hearing loss and seeking treatment. There may be a number of reasons an individual puts up with hearing loss for an average of 7 years before seeking treatment, but we hope to educate you on why the fight against hearing loss is so important for your overall health.

Treating hearing loss helps you live independently. It provides individuals with the power to live an active life as they age. Social isolation becomes more prevalent in adults with significant hearing loss as they grow older. Perhaps you are uncomfortable in noisy atmospheres or you are tired of having to ask others to repeat themselves. Wearing advanced hearing technology can decrease these feelings of discouragement and social isolation. By visiting with one of our hearing specialists you can be paired with a hearing device that fits your needs and gives you hearing clarity.

Traditional hearing aids make sounds louder. This may help in some situations, but does not provide the clarity necessary to hear in dynamic environments like conversations at a neighborhood dinner party, going out to a restaurant, or participating in your favorite social event. Newer more advanced technology restores that clarity and can even enhance speech despite a noisy background. Having hearing technology that can keep up with your lifestyle makes all the difference. Technology has become so advanced that there are even options for BlueTooth, Wifi, TV and phone connectivity.

Treating hearing loss as you age is vital to living a healthy life. Many of our patients delay hearing evaluations and hearing loss treatment because they think it’s something they can put off for another year or two. This thinking is dangerous as hearing loss can lead to multiple health concerns like an increased risk in developing dementia. Mild hearing loss increases your risk of developing dementia by 200 percent whereas severe hearing loss increases your risk by a whopping 500 percent!

Our best advice? Treat hearing loss and treat it early! Healthy hearing is one of the most important keys to living a vibrant and active lifestyle as you age. Find restored clarity, an increase in independence and a healthier life by calling our clinic for a hearing evaluation today!

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