Noise Pollution in US National Parks

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Noise Pollution in US National Parks

When people think of national parks, many think of a time to get away to enjoy nature and catch some peace and quiet. Although that is what many people are looking for it has been proven that getting peace and quiet at a national park can be quite challenging.

Many national parks today aren’t as quiet as they once were and are consumed by human produced noise such as car horn, music, or loud talking. Researchers have also found that in some areas of these parks noise pollution can be quite harmful for human health. Because of this situation, it is better for someone that might visit these areas to stay safe and make sure that they are not at risk of noise induced hearing loss.

Why is Noise Pollution Harmful?

There are many reasons as to why noise pollution can be harmful to both humans and animals. It has been the leading reason for damage to psychological health and can cause side effects as loss of sleep, hearing loss and high stress levels. When human experience unwanted noise at excessive levels it can cause more damage than what many expect can be very unhealthy. Although many people have conquered adjusting to noise at unhealthy levels, it is very apparent that the long-term damage is long lasting and should not be over looked.

In wildlife animals are at a higher risk of death by being subjected to noise pollution. They’re not successfully able to hear their predators which are very detrimental to their lively hood. Also, the animals will have a hard finding a quiet habitat that they feel is safe enough to raise their family as well as get their much-needed rest. Animals can also experience noise induced hearing loss if they are around unhealthy amounts of noise in their environment. The effects can be either temporary or permanent and makes them even more at risk of death due to predators or unhealthy environments.

Although some species in nature environment cannot hear, such as plants and trees, there is still a big effect that takes place within the pollution of noise. Without the help of animals such as birds that are good pollinators will not be able to help development in these noisy areas due to feeling unsafe. Also, if there are animals that can help certain plants that are only developed in certain areas will more than likely go instinct if they are not able to get the proper care to grow.

 Human-Made Noise Pollution

Since majority of the pollution is caused by human made noise, then we should try to reduce the production of noise in national parks. It is noted that many of the production of noise cannot be helped such as gas and oil extraction, but other ways can such as car use, music, and loud talking. There are many areas that have a sound scape but there is a need to repair and preserve existing sound scapes as well as to create more to help preserve the environment and to give the wildlife a place to live safely and distraction free.

It is important to know that there are many ways that sound travels and although it may seem harmless, there can be an unknown effect that is happening. Industrial tools are quite harmful such as drills or other powered tools. Many parks should provide workers with guidance or alternative tools that can reduce the amount of noise that is produced within these national parks. If there can be a reduction of unnecessary use of loud tools, then there will be a big help to the environment of these national parks.

There is not much that we can do to protect animals from high levels of noise other than to try to reduce noise in their environments, but for humans you are able to lower your risk for hearing loss by not being around the pollution of noise for long amounts of time. If you have to then there are many forms of ear plugs that will help to reduce the risk of hearing loss. There are many forms that can be made for anyone’s situation, it is better to be safe than sorry so if anyone feels as though they may be experiencing hearing loss, then it is best to get it checked as soon as it is noticed.

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