Hearing Loss Cures of the Past

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Hearing Loss Cures of the Past

The most typical (and scientifically proven) methods to treat hearing loss usually include hearing aids and cochlear implants. Nevertheless, individuals throughout historical backgrounds have tried to discover alternative techniques to “cure” their own hearing loss. From medical research to crazy hacks, humans really exceed over and beyond in order to create unconventional solutions! Below are a few interesting “cures” we have uncovered.

The issues of hearing loss have been a serious concern for centuries, and physicians have tried various treatments throughout the ages. Although these medical professionals had good intentions, their own tactics are known for being flawed and inadequate.

Beethoven’s Story

Remember this unique and famous musical legend? When Beethoven was a twenty-something year old, this individual experienced what we now as Tinnitus (buzzing or ringing in the particular ears) among other listening deficiencies. Today, Tinnitus may be managed with medical hearing aids, an option regrettably not available to Beethoven. This individual searched for the best doctors within Europe, and a couple of their solutions had been a little bizarre!

For instance, Beethoven was recommended different techniques such as almond oil earplugs and galvanism (a technique of passing an electric current through the affected part of the entire body in order to activate it). Another doctor recommended isolation, claiming that this individual needed to “rest their ears”. Obviously, these techniques did not work, and Beethoven went back to creating incredible songs, that people still listen to in present day.

Strange Contraptions

In the olden 19th century, individuals might sometimes use odd equipment that were designed to stimulate the ear’s nerves. For example, numerous people tried a big contraption that vibrated the inner hearing. In addition to being a weird tool, it didn’t function.


Blistering had been also a common solution for hearing loss. Generally, men and women were given montage through caustic plasters. In addition, the pus was considered evidence regarding toxins being extracted coming from the body. Supposedly this result promoted healthy ears.

Unnatural Eardrums

Lastly, artificial ears were another notorious “solution” in the late 1800’s. The theory was that these kinds of tiny devices would aid sound resonation through typically the auditory canal. Yet, these were ineffective and extremely painful when inserted directly into the ear. Some have been even crafted from metal!

As crazy as those remedies sound, nowadays, men and women usually are still coming up with bizarre and ineffective procedures to treat hearing damage.

Today’s Weird and Wild Hearing Loss Solutions

A Hypnotic Approach

One man, David Quigley, claims he “cured” his / her hearing loss through a hypnotic approach. A healer put her “delicate spirit fingers” directly into his ears and within just weeks, he gained the ability to hear properly again! Call us all skeptics, but we may assume that this is typically the simplest and one of the most unorthodox way to fix your current hearing problems issues.

Personal Sound Amplification Products

Another “quick fix” individuals with the loss of hearing sometimes try out are Personal Audio Amplification Devices (PSAPS). Whilst these look a lot such as hearing aids, the technologies inside is totally different than one would expect.

Most hearing aids are complicated items of technology that enable you to hear, and a lot more naturally in busy conditions. PSAPs tend to enhance noise, and don’t offer high-quality sound.

A PSAP will not just create very different results compared to a hearing aid, a person will also overlook the particular expert care that listening to healthcare professionals will provide!

Parmesan cheese… (No, we aren’t kidding)

Do you love parmesan cheese? Research has recently suggested that will D-methionine, a chemical substance found in many cheeses, is a way in order to reverse hearing loss through exposure to high decibel levels. It’s been examined on over five hundred United States soldiers after they had been in touch with loud noises. Nevertheless, you need to eat around 5 pounds of cheese with regards to it operating, which is a very large amount!

Cheese, a remedy for the loss of hearing?

While these types of wacky, unconventional, and strange hearing loss solutions might be very interesting (and laughable), the best answer you have would be to observe a skilled professional. Therefore, put down that huge block of cheese, and start making an appointment using a hearing healthcare provider as a top priority!

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