Hearing Aids Keep You Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy

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Hearing Aids Keep You Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy

Treating your hearing loss isn’t just about hearing the sounds around you. While many Americans think that life with hearing loss won’t be that bad, and they can live with hearing loss for a few years, the reality is that untreated hearing loss is costing you a lot. Researchers have been looking at the effects of hearing loss, and they’ve concluded that hearing aids will keep you happy, healthy, and wealthy.

Hearing Aids Keep You Happy

Treating your hearing loss has been proven to keep you happy. When you enjoy clear hearing, you’re able to follow conversations with loved ones, and maintain a healthy social life. You won’t face the embarrassment of asking someone to repeat themselves over and over again, or decide to just smile and nod, hoping no one will ask you a question. You won’t feel socially isolated, and you’ll never miss an opportunity to go meet with friends, even in places with a lot of distracting background noise. Your hearing aids will allow you to focus on the sounds you want to hear, reduce background sounds, and follow conversations with ease, whether with your loved ones at home, or with friends at larger social events. With hearing aids, you won’t face social isolation, anxiety, or depression, and will safeguard the relationships that matter the most.

Hearing Aids Keep You Healthy

A recent study found that those with untreated hearing loss spend an average of $20,000 more than those who treated their hearing loss! If you choose to live with hearing loss, you increase your risk of trips, slips, falls, and accidents. You might not hear the warning honk from the car in your blind spot, or the shout of a coworker warning you of a danger you haven’t noticed. With hearing aids you’ll have better spatial awareness and better balance, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll always hear warning shouts, bells, or sirens.

If you have hearing aids, you’ll have more energy for the events you love, and get out of the house more. You’ll get more exercise, and have a healthier lifestyle. You’ll enjoy better sleep, and better mental health, as well as better cognitive function and memory. Those with hearing aids visit the doctor around 40 times less per year, and have lower rates of hospitalization. Not only will you be healthier, your bank account won’t feel the strain of the high health care costs.

Hearing Aids Keep You Wealthy

One of the most surprising facts about hearing aids is that they will keep you wealthy. Along with lower health care costs, hearing aids will help you at work. Treating hearing loss will allow you to communicate effectively at the office or workplace. You’ll hear all the instructions the first time, and won’t need to ask for anything to be repeated. You won’t be straining to fill in the blanks and guess at what’s been said, but you’ll be able to add insight to the conversation, and contribute your knowledge and expertise. You’ll be a valued member of the team, and are more likely to receive the promotion you’ve had your eye on.

Those with untreated hearing loss are more likely to face problems at work, feel like they can’t keep up, or stress about their job performance. If you have hearing loss, you’ll have a harder time concentrating on tasks, and all the strain of struggling to hear takes a toll on your brain. Those with hearing loss often have lower wages than their hearing peers, don’t receive promotions or pay raises, and even risk losing their jobs due to poor performance. Rates of unemployment among those with hearing loss is around 83% higher than those with clear hearing, and if you have untreated hearing loss, you’re more likely to be forced into an early retirement before you’re financially ready.

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