Your Hearing Care Professionals

Bryan Green, Owner

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Hearing Aid Dispenser Lic. #HA1741

Bryan has over 30 years of experience in hearing aid dispensing. Bryan has helped thousands of satisfied clients. A true professional, he takes the time you need to feel comfortable and secure about the decision to be fitted with hearing instruments. He knows being a good listener to his clients is number one. Everyone’s needs and expectations are different, therefore making the appropriate recommendations to best suit the client makes for a satisfied and happy hearing aid wearer.

In addition to his annual continued education requirements he has visited and studied at many other training and educational institutions, including The National Acoustic Laboratories, Australia, as well as several of the leading manufacturers of hearing instruments. He is a member of the International Hearing Society and Hearing Healthcare Providers of California.

Kristi Green, Co-Owner

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Hearing Aid Dispenser Lic. #HA1742

Kristi has over 30 years in the hearing aid industry. She literally grew up in the hearing aid business while finishing her education majoring in business. Kristi has been a licensed hearing aid dispenser since 1984 and has handled every level of the business aspect. Her main priority is client satisfaction, so from programming hearing aids, repairs, client rehabilitation or just visiting with our clients in the lobby, enjoying the hearing aid business is one of her greatest attributes.

The majority of the time she is busy managing our two locations, handling insurance, client relations and bookkeeping.

Kristi is also a member of Hearing Healthcare Providers of California and International Hearing Society.