Coming to Terms with Your Hearing Loss

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Coming to Terms with Your Hearing Loss

Many Americans are diagnosed with hearing loss every year, yet many more exist in the shadows with undiagnosed hearing loss. One might wonder why there are so many people who don’t do anything about the obvious hearing loss they are experiencing. Yet, anyone who has developed hearing loss will know how difficult it can be to admit to a limitation, especially when it accompanies the natural aging process. Those who experience hearing loss later in life will know that it can feel like a sign of other limitations, such as achy joints and momentary lapses in memory. Rather than admitting to themselves and others that they have an obstacle, they may try to ignore it. Try as they might, some things cannot be brushed under the rug, and hearing loss can get in the way of communication so much that it is obvious to everyone involved.

Rather than denying hearing loss, there are steps you can take to come to terms with the reality of your experience. Honesty with others is important for stable relationships, but honesty with yourself is essential to peace of mind. Just as with other changes in bodily ability, there can be a reckoning period that accompanies the development of hearing loss. The following steps are helpful for anyone who finds their body changing, and you can share this advice with your loved ones, as well.

Have the Hard Conversation

If you have noticed yourself having more trouble hearing than you used to, an open conversation is in order. Your closest loved ones certainly have noticed, as well, but they may be hesitant to reach out to you. If you are experiencing hearing loss without talking about it, who knows how much frustration, anger, anxiety, and even depression can be avoided by simply opening up to those closest to you. You don’t have to admit to something you don’t understand. If you are unsure if you have serious hearing loss or not, simply consider the possibility with your family. You might want to pose it as a question. “Have you noticed me not being able to hear things you say lately? I’m wondering if I’m starting to lose my hearing.” See what they say. The most likely outcome is that your closest loved ones will jump into action, offering support and assistance however they can.

Cast a Wide Net

Once you have had the hard conversation with your closest family members and loved ones, it is time to enlist the support of others. Perhaps you don’t know where to begin to seek help with hearing loss. Reaching out to others your same age can be a helpful start. Simply make a phone call to a friend and ask if they know of anywhere to get help with hearing loss. The odds are that they will know a place to turn, and they may have even encountered the problem themselves. If you know anyone who wears hearing aids, don’t hesitate to contact them for advice. A wide range of community resources are available for those who need help hearing in public spaces, and reaching out to your network of contacts will point you toward these important support services.

Get Professional Help

Once you have embarked on the road to hearing assistance, you will be amazed how easy it is to connect with others over your experience. Hearing loss is quite common! Although the casual advice of friends and acquaintances can be helpful, you will reap the greatest benefit from professional help.

Posey Hearing Center

When you contact us at Posey Hearing Center, the first step will most likely be a hearing test and consultation. Once we have the necessary information about your hearing ability, we will be able to recommend a range of options to suit your lifestyle and your budget.

With that information in hand, you can make an informed decision about the path toward hearing assistance. Although it can be difficult to come to terms with hearing loss once it has begun, we are trained to understand what you are going through and to offer a helping hand in more ways than you can imagine. Make the call today!

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